Carwood’s Dave Stacey Retires after 62 Years Service!!

Loyalty is certainly not a thing of the past, not if Dave Stacey of Carwood Yeovil is any kind of benchmark

Up until February 12th 2019, Dave had worked at the same place in Yeovil since 1957, his job consisted of rewinding and refurbishing electric motors and generators, a skill he learned on a five-year apprenticeship nearly 70 years ago. Now he has hung up his overalls and will be doing more of what he loves, spending time with his wife and enjoying the pleasures of fly-fishing.

Dave commented, “I’ve seen a lot of changes to the industry, for example we’re in the throwaway age, it is cheaper to buy new rather than to refurbish, so that has changed the business a lot and we’ve had to adapt. Leaving never occurred to me for 62 years, I was happy and the company seemed happy. I’ve always been happy with my job”. He concluded by saying, “Carwood is a great company, the Management and the Directors have been exceptional to me.”

Dave’s modest words show more appreciation to his line of work than his own achievements and the statement from Carwood highlights his humility and valuable work he has done in developing younger employees.

Steve Holden, Carwood Yeovil Branch Manager, said: “The biggest compliment we can pay Dave is that he’s like your own grandad, helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and just an all-round nice chap”. Steve goes on “How many other people have the experience that Dave has? The trade has seen many changes over the years and Dave has seen them all, but beyond that, his training of the next generation of apprentices has been equally as important to the business”.

Steve finishes with a heartfelt comment, “All at Carwood wish Dave a long and happy retirement, from the Board of Directors through to the staff at Yeovil and all other locations worldwide. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have worked with Dave.”

Carwood’s Dave Stacey Retires after 62 Years Service!!

26th March 2020

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