Carwood offers one-stop-shop turbocharger solution with launch of new oil feed pipe range.

With Carwood’s new oil feed pipes, aftermarket companies can offer an OE quality, best practice repair on the latest generation of turbocharged vehicles, all from just one supplier.

Coventry, 9 February 2021: Global solutions provider, and leading turbo remanufacturer Carwood, is launching a range of OE and OE matching oil feed pipes. The all new programme, which consists of more than 200 part numbers and covers the main OEMs, including BorgWarner, Garrett, Mitsubishi, IHI and Mahle, completes the brand’s comprehensive turbocharger line-up. Together with its existing range of OE-approved, environmentally friendly remanufactured turbochargers, expert technical support, online cataloguing and next-day delivery, Carwood can now offer its customers a full service, best practice turbo solution.

“As more and more manufacturers turn to turbochargers to improve their emissions and fuel economy, more and more vehicles will need work on these boost enhancing products, presenting an exciting opportunity for factors and garages alike,” comments Peter Green, General Manager, Carwood Turbochargers. “By providing a full product offer, technical support and service, under a proven quality brand like Carwood, aftermarket professionals can buy all their turbo needs from one source, giving them a vital competitive advantage in a lucrative and fast growing market.”

The all new feed pipe programme, which consists of more than 200 part numbers, and covers both fast moving and specialist applications for car and light commercial vehicles, will enable aftermarket professionals to perform a best practice service on all turbocharger technologies. This includes the latest generation vehicles, where thanks to the trend for downsized engines, oil feed pipes will play an ever more important role.

Green explains why. “With modern vehicles demanding the power output of larger engines, but with the economy of smaller ones, today’s turbochargers can operate at speeds of over 300,000 revs per minute, and at temperatures close to 1,000°C. This puts a huge strain on the oil, the lifeblood of any vehicle. If its supply is restricted, even momentarily, or if it is contaminated, it can cause costly damage to the turbo. And in severe cases, irreversible damage to the engine too. Because of this, it is always recommended to fit new oil feed pipes when replacing or refitting a turbo. Whilst it may add a few pounds to the bill, it is much more cost effective then having to refit a whole new turbo, saving your customers valuable time and money in the long run. As well as ensuring a high quality, best practice vehicle repair that you know will last.”

For more information on Carwood’s full turbo line-up, please visit To view the full range on the MAM Autopart online catalogue, please ensure that the “CWP” section in the MAM supplier preferences is enabled.  


News release – New oil feed pipe programme

9th February 2021

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