Support for Team BRIT

Carwood continues to support the Armed Forces racing organisation – Team Brit, as well as other activities such as the Armed Forces Rally Team through sponsorship managed by Team Ethos.  The drivers continue to train hard,working through strict physical fitness regimes and using the time to hone their skills on their racing simulators, which most of them have at home. If you have a PC (doesn’t have to be a full blown simulator) and would like to join the drivers in an online racing series there is one launching soon on the Assetto Corsa platform. Click  HERE for more details on how to take part or how to watch on the twitch stream – there will be full race commentary for the events so get on board to show your support for Team BRIT.

Support for Team BRIT.

8th April 2020

Other news

A salute to our Armed Forces

26th June 2020

It is “Armed Forces Day” on Saturday 27th June, the final day of “Armed Forces Week”.

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EV charging points installed

3rd April 2020

As an IMI approved and HEVRA registered Electric Vehicle service centre Carwood have installed a twin 32A EV charging point at the Herald Way location.

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Carwood Team Campaign Medal

26th March 2020

British Army awarded Graham Emerson the Estonia Campaign Service Medal in recognition of his efforts and performance in supporting their mission and exercises in the Tapa region of Estonia.

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Covid-19 Action

26th March 2020

We are implementing special measures in the light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and will keep you informed as circumstances evolve.

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