Covid-19 Action

We are implementing special measures in the light of the Coronavirus (Covid-19) situation and will keep you informed as circumstances evolve. Currently the position is as follows:

1) We are regularly reviewing the situation so the arrangements may change with circumstances, our policy is to be pro-active, flexible and swift. Government advice is being applied and communicated to management and staff through email and written briefings. Preparedness plans include:

a) Home working and associated technology

b) Minimisation of face to face meetings by use of conference calls/email/video/Skype/MS Teams

c) Minimisation of inter-site travel by use of conference calls/email/video/Skype/MS Teams

d) Prohibition of non-essential travel and travel to Category 1 areas as defined by the Government

e) Application of Government guidelines on infection notification and isolation protocols

f) Increased contract cleaning routines and special cleaning processes for high-risk areas/surfaces

g) Split working areas and shifts combined with cleaning activity to reduce cross-contamination

h) Health monitoring and staff status matrix

i) Key job covering plans with alternative senior management

j) Functional roles are identified that can be covered by administrative/management staff

k) An emergency communication group has been established

2) Operating effectiveness is currently at 100%. Carwood maintains and tests an ongoing Business Continuity Management Plan. This plan has been reviewed and updated in view of the current Covid-19 pandemic. We are maintaining a daily senior management assessment of the situation and modifying our plans and responses accordingly.

3) We are currently not experiencing or being notified of any significant supply-chain disruption or risks. We are pro-actively managing and working with our suppliers and logistic partners to maintain continuity and minimise potential impacts through forecasting and schedule reviews.

4) Supply-chain mitigation strategies include:

a) Regular requirements review and order status tracking

b) Bringing forward critical parts delivery times

c) Increased stock levels of critical parts

d) Implementation of the Carwood formal alternative supplier/product approval process

e) Use of secondary supply and logistics partners following approval

f) Use of company internal logistics capability (own transport) for critical items

g) Notification to customers of any changes to scheduled deliveries or planned performance

5) We are considered to be a Critical Infrastructure business as we support defence, emergency and transport services, we will therefore remain operational under all circumstances.

Covid-19 Action

26th March 2020

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