Motorsport Starters, Alternators & Batteries

Brise Motorsport

Brise competition starter motors are designed for use in demanding race applications and tough working environments. All products are hand built in our workshops and then tested on the most advanced test equipment available. We specialise in producing one off Starter motors for any application, please contact Brise for details and on-line purchases or contact us to if you need more information or to discuss specific requirements.

Advantages of Brise starter motors:

  • Interchangeable pinions and mounting brackets.
  • Multi position orientation for the connector block or solenoid.
  • Faster cranking speed
  • Less battery current draw
  • Lightweight (2.7 kg typical)
  • Compact and easy to install.
A starter motor and alternator testing and rebuild service is available, please contact Brise for details.
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Brise Motorsport

As part of the optimal starting and electrical power management package, Brise also offer the latest technology Lithium-ion battery units. These batteries are approximately 70% lighter than the conventional Lead/acid equivalent with improved current cranking performance, charge retention and cycling characteristics
We are your technical partner for high performance, small envelope, low mass rotating electric machines for racing vehicles, motorsport and special applications.
Carwood Brise utilises compact machine architecture and bespoke attachment design to enable optimum output while minimising mass and volume.
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Hand built by a specialist technician, every Carwood Brise unit is meticulously inspected at each production stage to ensure the highest possible standard of quality. Final testing is undertaken with 100% of production and output data recorded for assurance and traceability.
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