DPF Cleaning Service

Just like new, apart from the price

DPF cleaning service

Fitted to diesel cars as standard since 2009, diesel particulate filters, or DPFs for short, have become a popular addition in the vehicle manufacturer’s fight against emissions. Yet just like any filter, they can easily become blocked, hitting drivers and fleets hard in the pocket when they do. Cue Carwood’s DPF cleaning service – a highly effective and fast solution that delivers a just like new filter, at a fraction of the cost.

  • Restores blocked DPF to 98% of its original efficiency by removing all particulate matter, ash, soot and oil
  • Provides a high-quality, low-cost alternative to new
  • Clears all ECU fault codes and warning lights
  • Supports all makes and models of car, light commercial, heavy duty and off-highway vehicle
  • Free collection and delivery by arrangement
  • Returned in 1 – 2 days on receipt of unit
  • Dedicated support via Carwood’s technical hotline; 0844 576 2524
  • All backed by a 12-month clean guarantee


What is a diesel particulate filter?

Got a diesel vehicle? Chances are it will be fitted with a DPF. Introduced by vehicle manufacturers to comply with Euro-5 emissions standards, it has one simple, but very important job: to trap the harmful particles produced during the combustion cycle, stopping them from being released into the atmosphere.


Why do DPFs need cleaning?

DPFs have a finite capacity, so the trapped soot must be emptied or ‘burned off’ periodically through a process known as regeneration. If the required temperatures for auto regeneration are not hit however, due to frequent start-stop journeys say, the DPF can quickly and easily become blocked. Resulting in a potential breakdown, and until now, an expensive repair bill.


Why choose Carwood DPF cleaning!

With new particulate filters costing hundreds, sometimes even thousands of pounds, having it professionally cleaned is economically and environmentally the best option. Our innovative DPF cleaning solution uses a unique, eco-friendly process to remove all particulate matter (PM), ash, soot and oil, restoring it to within 2% of its original efficiency.


Benefits for vehicle and fleet owners

With a like new filter, backed by a 12-month clean guarantee, and access to Carwood’s technical hotline, you can be sure of a best-practice, quality DPF service. All at a competitive price. And you’ll save money in the long run too, thanks to extended service intervals and improvements to your fuel economy and exhaust function ongoing.


Multi vehicle coverage

Whether you own one vehicle, or a whole fleet of them, you can count on Carwood to meet all your DPF needs. Our multi-purpose solution supports all-makes and models of DPF fitted to car, van, truck, bus, agricultural and other heavy duty engines. Regardless of size, shape or material.


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DPF cleaning service

Comprehensive cleaning cycle washes away all PM, ash soot and oil

DPF before and after cleaning