Rewind & Brise Motorsport

Rewind & Brise Motorsport

Electrical rewinding specialist, Carwood Rewind, remanufactures all types of rotors, stators, motors, alternators and generators including motors for today’s electric vehicles. The Brise Motorsport applications employ specialist rewinding, design and engineering to meet demanding racing performance requirements.

Carwood Rewind

Carwood Rewind, situated in Yeovil in the south west of England, is an integral part of the company remanufacturing capability. With a history of quality going back to 1934 and over 250 years combined technical experience, the business has kept pace with modern technology while retaining traditional service values. Specialising in rebuilding and rewinding electrical units, the facility can handle all sizes of motor, single and three phase up to 200kW and generators up to 60kVa. Dealing in automotive, industrial and specialised markets, the range of motor applications that can be rewound include:

Product Range

  • Bosch, Butec, Cargo, CAV, Denso, Leece Neville, Lucas , Niehoff and Prestolite armatures, rotors and stators
  • Agricultural motors for parlour, grain and slurry motors
  • Alternators
  • Defence generators, pumps, winches, fans
  • Portable and standby generators
  • Industrial tail lift, compressor, fork truck, electro-hydraulic, conveyor
  • Marine winch, bilge pump, servo motor
  • Railway generators, dynamos, fans, inverters, transformers, servo motors
  • Starter motors
  • Surgical, dental and medical equipment motors

Carwood Rewind customers include Jaguar Land Rover, Aston Martin Lagonda, Ilmor Engineering, the Ministry of Defence, Babcock DSG and Prestolite.

Additional Product Services

  • Carrier Generators – Carrier Vector Generator Winding for use on HGV refridgeration units
  • Prototype and pre-production winding Specialist. Taking a design concept from drawings to working models
  • Winding upgrade – Increase the power output from the original unit, particulalry applicable to Motor racing applications.
  • Heritage Rewind – Working with Owners’ Clubs, such as Talbot 105, Triple M and Early MG, as well as Museums and enthusiasts to preserve our Nations heritage

Specialist Skills

The Yeovil facility offers a number of  engineering and fabrication skills that are utilised on contract, small batch or for one off jobs, these include:

  • CNC machining
  • TIG Argon aluminium welding
  • MIG welding
  • Cylindrical and surface grinding
  • Helicoiling
  • Shaft key cutting
  • Edge wound capability
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Rewind & Brise Motorsport

Brise Motorsport

Brise Motorsport & Special Applications

High performance, small envelope, low mass rotating electrics for racing vehicles, motorsport and special applications such as aerospace.

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Brise Motorsport