Quality Processes

Quality Processes

The Carwood Quality Management System is certified to ISO9001:2015 and Environmental Management to ISO 14001:2015. Our Turbochargers are supplied to and used by many well-known vehicle manufacturers and operators worldwide including Caterpillar, Perkins Engines, Isuzu, Jaguar Land Rover, Mitsubishi, Ministry of Defence (Army and Royal Navy).

Key features and benefits of Carwood Turbochargers include :

  • Vehicle and engine manufacturer approved supplier
  • Wide range in stock for all vehicles
  • Next day delivery of stock items 2 year guarantee for car applications
  • Turbo evaluation and reporting service
  • Remanufacture of your own turbo if preferred
  • Considerable economic benefit over new units
  • Significant environmental benefits

For customers using the MAM Autocat V9 automotive catalogue system, please enable Carwood as a supplier, our Turbochargers are listed under the “CWT” classification.

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Quality Processes

Component Assessment – Old Core

  • Old core is checked against stringent core criteria before booking it into the E10 ERP process management software system. Only genuine old core is accepted and used for the Carwood Reman Range
  • All old core units have their Electronic, pressure or vacuum actuators to ensure only suitable old core is realised to the factory

Strip and Clean

  • Acceptable old core is carefully dismantled using appropriate engineering techniques, each component is inspected and only parts that pass the quality standards are passed onto the multi stage cleaning process.
  • For our range of passenger and light commercial turbochargers we use new CHRAs in over 95% of or product portfolio meaning that all bearings, shaft and wheels, compressor wheels and bearing housings are all brand new to help guarantee the longevity of the product
  • Carwood uses biodegradable detergent and new generation safety solvent with patented chemical clarifiers; this extends the solvents life and reduces environmental impact.
  • Solvent/Bio wash, Hot wash, Torrent wash, Aluminium Oxide blasting, Glass Bead blasting, Steel Shot blasting are all part of our meticulous cleaning process
  • At the end of the cleaning cycles the cast iron, turbine and bearing housings are treated with rust inhibitor

Machine Shop, Inspection, measurement and appraisal

  • All stripped units are assessed to ensure all component parts are suitable to be used within the next stage of production:
    • Full surface visual inspection
    • Crack detection
    • Tolerance measurement
  • All mating faces are machined or liniched to give a superior finish and also ensure flatness
  • As a minimum every turbo charger that has not been fitted with a CHRA is assembled with:
    • Journal bearing/s
    • Thrust bearing
    • Piston rings
    • Retaining rings
    • “O” rings
    • Shaft nut
  • Also Cast housings are sprayed with a second rust inhibitor for protection

Build and Assembly

  • All units are assembled onsite in our Nottingham facility, all CHRA are Balanced using VSR (vibration sort rig) to ensure minimum vibration.
  • Once the CHRA is balanced it is assembled into the turbine and compressor housings along with the other requited component parts including actuators and recirculation valves, all bolts tightened to the required torque settings.
  • Variable vane turbochargers are mounted on the VTR (vane test rig) for final testing/setting of actuator and variable vane, ensuring perfect performance on the engine.
  • Following calibration anti tamper paint is applied to external fastenings, shaft and actuator set nuts.

Final Inspection

  • The unit is visually and physically checked, all apertures are sealed with protective caps where required.
  • The turbine housing is wrapped in rust proof paper, the turbo is thermally sealed in a high gage poly bag. The turbo is then boxed using thermal mould void filling for transport protection. Included in the box is a gasket and Fit-Kit including mounting studs, copper washers empty syringe for priming the turbo and fitting instructions.


After final inspection all units are individually serialised and labelled for full traceability wrapped in polythene with anti-rust packets as required before placing with Instapack moulded fillers in the special Carwood box (designed for core return after initial delivery). Final carton packaging is available plain box or to specific customer requirements by arrangement. Military specification packaging is also available.

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