Assured Specialised Solutions

Carwood has a long-established worldwide reputation for expertise in the re-manufacture and supply of a diverse range of specialised parts encountered in the Defence industry. These parts include Diesel Fuel Injection Equipment (DFIE), Rotating Electrical Machines (REM), Dashboard Information Panels (DIP), Electrical & Vehicle Systems (EVS), Turbochargers, Engines and Hydraulic Assemblies. With the capability to produce components, parts and assemblies to OE or Design Organisation standards and assure them accordingly, we also restore and re-commission equipment such as lighting towers, water processing units (WPU), fuel delivery pumps and generators.

Carwood Defence (Special Products and Services) was formed in the 1980s, which grew out of the need to meet the special demands of our growing number of defence customers, both UK and Overseas. Our computer systems recognise NATO stock numbers (NSNs), with a database providing a cross reference to the OEM and holding technical engineering information. This is supported by our membership of the National Codification Bureau, which provides further valuable cross reference and specification data. Our experienced team is defence industry aligned and handles all the logistics and administration to ensure the right part is in the right place at the right time.

Demonstrating a highly targeted approach for our defence customers, Carwood Defence provides a range of solutions for parts procurement and obsolescence management:

  • Re-manufacturing existing products to O.E. specification
  • Sourcing Original Equipment (O.E) parts
  • Sourcing approved O.E equivalent parts
  • Manufacturing to O.E. drawing
  • Manufacturing to reverse engineered drawing
  • PDS for parts re-configuration

In addition, we can offer a wide range of specialist skills and services, covering:

  • DFIE- full service including on-site removal and fitting of diesel pumps and injectors
  • HVAC – Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning parts and service for mobile systems
  • REM – Alternators, Starters, Wiper Motors and Electric Rewinds
  • Vehicle Ancillary Systems – Air Braking, Electrical Systems and Communications
  • Tachograph and Speed Limiters – all makes and models including digital units.
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Assured Specialised Solutions

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