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The Complete Service for the EV Owner or Operator

Our automotive electrical skills extend into the new technologies of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Carwood is a member of HEVRA – the Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Repair Alliance and is a qualified IMI (Institute of the Motor Industry) repair centre for electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles.

The three main types of new technology on Electric Vehicles are:

  • BEV – Battery Electric Vehicle. This type has only electric power obtained from the on-board battery. The battery is charged at a station or home charger from the electricity power grid. The most widely known of this type of EV are the Nissan Leaf and Tesla models, but most main manufacturers now have a BEV in their range.
  • HEV – Hybrid Electric Vehicle. This EV has a battery (which can range from large to small depending on the model) and another on-board source of power, normally a petrol engine. Usually the vehicle can operate from electricity only, petrol motor only or a combination of both.
  • PHEV – Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle. This is like the HEV but also can be plugged in to the electricity power grid to re-charge the on-board battery.

Diagnostics, Service and Maintenance

Carwood has the required equipment and specially trained certified technicians to carry out all types of work on EVs. 

Battery Renovation or Replacement

We can renovate or replace the battery on your EV if it becomes damaged or loses efficiency.

Polar Charging Point – An accessible EV charging point is available at the Coventry site for customer use and also for members of the Polar charging network.

Motor and Component Replacement

If your EV needs something replacing or remanufacturing Carwood has the technical capability to diagnose the problem part and fix it while maintaining the safety and integrity of your EV electrical and mechanical systems. Common failure trends and specifically vulnerable parts are monitored in order to provide cost effective solutions. Typical parts include drive motors, heating and ventilation motors, accessory coolant and air conditioning pumps.

Carwood Rewind

With our own electric motor rewind company, Carwood is ideally placed to remanufacture or upgrade EV motors and has experience in development and production of units gained through working with a number of vehicle and systems manufacturers.

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The Complete Service for the EV Owner or Operator

EV charging point at Coventry

Electiric Vehicle Drive Motor and Controller Unit