Direct Vision Standard

Upgrade your fleet with Carwood


From 1 March 2021, all commercial vehicles over 12 tonnes operating within Greater London, must meet the minimum Direct Vision Standard (DVS) to improve road safety. But don’t worry! With our comprehensive DVS solution, we can ensure your fleet meets the minimum star rating for HGV safety permits. And at the same time become FORS compliant too.

  • Includes all equipment for the minimum DVS star rating
  • By upgrading to the DVS ‘Safe System’ your fleet will meet FORS standards too
  • On-site installation by our expert technicians minimises vehicle downtime
  • Improves fleet safety and profitability by reducing own-fault incidents
  • All backed by a 12-month guarantee


Our DVS solution

Installed by trained technicians, on site, our DVS solution includes everything you need to achieve the minimum DVS rating:

  • Class V or VI mirrors or cameras to eliminate vehicle blind spots
  • Camera monitoring systems for improved driver visibility
  • Near side proximity sensors with driver alert
  • Audible left turn alarms to notify roads users
  • External warning signage

And if you want to exceed the minimum standards, we can do that too!


What is Direct Vision Standard?

Implemented by the Mayor of London, Direct Vision Standard is designed to improve the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and other road users. Using a star rating, it measures how much a driver can see from their cab, zero being the lowest and five, offering unobstructed vision to the roadside, the highest.


Why should fleets upgrade to DVS?

If your vehicle does not meet the minimum one-star rating already, you will need to install some new safety equipment. As well as being a legal requirement from March 2021 – failure to comply will result in a penalty charge notice of up to £550 – by upgrading to DVS you will also increase the overall safety, efficiency and profitability of your fleet, opening up new business opportunities.


Become FORS compliant too

Since the safety equipment required for the DVS ‘Safe System’ and the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) Silver accreditation are similar, you can achieve two standards with just one upgrade. Widely regarded as the ‘industry standard’, FORS certification will give your fleet a distinct competitive advantage.


How long does the safety permit last?

One and two-star rated permits will be valid until 2024, because from this year onwards, vehicles will need to be fitted with a three star ‘progressive safety system. Any vehicles with a three-star rating and above will be awarded 10 years from the date the permit was granted, so it’s worth making that investment now.

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