Oil feed pipes

For a best practice service

As turbo technology has evolved, so too has the role of the oil feed pipe. Responsible for ensuring a regular flow of clean, quality oil to the turbocharger, fitting a brand new feed pipe whenever the turbo is replaced, has become a must do job. But don’t worry. With Carwood’s line-up of OE and OE matching quality pipes, covering all the major OEMs, and backed by expert technical support, online cataloguing and next day delivery, you can offer your customers a competitively priced, best-practice service, every single time.

  • Wide range of OE and OE matching pipes for a quality, best-practice vehicle repair
  • Covers all major OEMs including Borg Warner, Garrett, Mitsubishi, IHI, Mahle and Continental
  • Supports all makes and models of passenger car and light commercial vehicle
  • Fully catalogued online – switch on the CWP Section on MAM Autopart to access our catalogue
  • Comes with copper seals, gaskets and banjo bolts, as required, for a right-first-time fit
  • Expert technical support available on 01623 863 600
  • Next-day delivery
  • Backed by a 24-month warranty


Greater demands on the oil feed pipe

With the trend for smaller, more efficient engines that offer the power and torque of larger ones, today’s turbos rotate at speeds of over 300,000 revs per minute and reach temperatures close to 1000°C. In these conditions, oil has an essential job, cooling the shaft and bearings and lubricating its many moving parts. So, it’s vital that the turbo receives an uninterrupted supply, at the correct pressure – the job of the oil feed pipe.


Why replace the oil feed pipe?

It a turbo is starved of oil, even momentarily, because of a blockage or leak from the pipe, it can cause costly damage to the turbo. And in severe cases the engine too. This is why we’d always recommend fitting new pipes when replacing or reinstalling the turbo. Whilst it may add a few pounds to the bill, it is much more cost effective then having to fit another brand-new turbo, saving your customers valuable time and money in the long run.


The right part for the right vehicle repair

For a quality, best practice service, we offer a wide range of OE and OE matching oil feed pipes. With more than 200 part numbers, our all-new line-up supports part numbers from all the major OEMs including Borg Warner, Garrett, Mitsubishi, IHI, Mahle and Continental. And covers a wide range of passenger car and light commercial applications. From Vauxhall, Ford and Fiat to VAG, BMW and Mercedes, chances are we’ll have the right part for your job.


OE matching quality

All our feed pipes are designed and manufactured to OE specification. Made from the highest quality materials including steel, treated rubber and braided hose, they offer maximum resistance to heat, wear, load and corrosion. They also come with the relevant replacement gaskets, copper washers and seals, so that you can install straight from the pack, saving valuable labour time and cost.




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