Carwood launches new Diesel Particulate Filter (DPF) cleaning service

The highly effective cleaning solution restores blocked DPFs to 98 percent of their original efficiency, for a high-quality, low-cost alternative to new, that can be installed with confidence.

Coventry, 4 November 2020: Carwood is leveraging its expertise as a leading remanufacturer of diesel fuel injection systems, to launch a new, highly-efficient and cost-effective diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning service for all makes and models of car, light commercial, heavy duty and off-highway vehicle. By removing all particulate matter (PM), ash, soot and oil, the innovative solution returns blocked filters to within just two percent of their original efficiency, significantly extending current filter life and avoiding the need for a complete and costly replacement. With the backing of a 12-month clean guarantee, and access to a technical hotline, aftermarket companies can offer a trouble-free, high-quality DPF service at a competitive price.

“DPFs have been fitted to all new diesel cars since 2009, but just like any filter, they can only hold a certain amount of matter, before they become blocked. A situation which is exacerbated by frequent start-stop journeys and powertrain component failures,” explains, Anthony James, General Manager, Carwood Diesel Systems. “Unfortunately for the vehicle or fleet owner the only way to guarantee the complete removal of these particles, is to either replace the filter altogether, or have it professionally cleaned. With new filters, costing anywhere from several hundred to thousands of pounds, Carwood’s cleaning service is the obvious choice for any business wishing to profit from a still growing and lucrative market.”

Using a unique, environmentally friendly process, the comprehensive cleaning cycle breaks down all PM10 deposits and washes away oil and other combustion residuals, for a like-new performance. As well as avoiding the expense of a brand-new unit, it improves the vehicle’s emission performance and fuel economy, saving the owner money and unnecessary downtime ongoing.

In addition, because the process uses the complete exhaust system, including the DPF sensor, it’s easier to remove and install, saving valuable labour time for technicians. And with no cutting, welding or harsh chemicals, there’s no risk of damage to the filter or the environment either. Making it a faster, simpler and safer solution too.

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News release – DPF cleaning

4th November 2020

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