Unknown to many, Carwood have been remanufacturing turbochargers for decades. Customers include a number of globally recognised vehicle and engine manufacturers as well as the Ministry of Defence, Army and Navy.

Turbochargers have always been the norm on commercial vehicle and heavy duty diesel engines. Carwood have been remanufacturing them for many years for specialised contracts and defence applications. With the ever increasing population of common rail diesel vehicles on the road the demand for passenger car turbochargers has grown and we have turned our expertise to producing an extensive off the shelf range of top quality remanufactured diesel car turbochargers.

Carwood Ollerton is a specially designed factory with the latest equipment and facilities to produce turbochargers to the highest standards. Units are available for immediate delivery off the shelf or the customers own turbo can be remanufactured if it is a rare or unavailable item. Click here to access more information on Carwood Turbochargers.


26th March 2020

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